Unlimited Transfers

January 30, 2018 | FP Strategist

Remember that you have unlimited transfers until the start of the Ylvisaker Cup this Thursday 1st of February at 3pm EST. The matches get underway with the first fixture between Pilot and Audi. For the full list of Fixtures, click here.

Make the most of this transfer amnesty because when that first match starts you will have a limit of 15 transfers to be used throughout the tournament. This is the time to try out those combos and see what kind of line up works best for you.

Do you follow the fixtures, taking note of who plays and when? A tactical approach which can be rewarding but requires concentration. Or do you go for the all star line up? Pay the big bucks and let the 10 goalers do the work for you? Or are you an underdog kind of manager? Do you go for those ringers who are awesome off their price tag and earn you big points for small cost?

This is the time to test out those combos as you can move players in and out of your team and see what fits best. It’s time to get tactical.



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