Valiente vs Colorado

August 16, 2017 | James Dodge

Valiente showed everyone why they are the favorites to win this tournament, going undefeated and clinching a spot in finals! With one more game against 0-2 Kentucky this game doesn’t matter much. Valiente is of course led by Adolfo Cambiaso who scored 2 goals and another one from the penalty line. He also hasn’t fouled all tournament which is huge and helps him to keep all of the points he earns, he finished with 18 points. Agustin Nero played a huge role in helping take the pressure off Cambiaso. He finished the game with 15 points. Kian Hall is offensive spark for this team he tied Cambiaso with 2 goals from the field and also led the team with 3 shots on goal. He will look to convert on a few more of those goals in the final to help led Valiente to a win on Saturday. Finally Patron Bob Jornayvaz. When they were playing the all pro team HPL team they needed more help moving ball thus Poroto played and in this game against Colorado they needed more help clearing space for Cambiaso and Nero. I expect Jornayvaz to play against Kentucky and then if they play HPL in the final I would expect them to play Poroto.

Colorado needs to contain HPL for a chance to make it to the finals. Colorado and HPL scored similarly against Valiente I expect this to be a good match up! Led by Diego Cavanagh who had a big 19 point game, scoring 5 of Colorado’s 8 goals. He will need to keep up his dominance if they want to beat HPL. The real wild card on this team is Pablo Spinacci he can spark this team if both him and Cavanagh can create havoc up front with Roberto Zedda playing back. Spinacci was contained by HPL ending with 9 points and Zedda with 8. Rounding out the lineup is Rob Jornayvaz who has been playing well and I assume a lot of people have him as he is the only consistent patron playing. I don’t think there is much you can do unless you can afford to pick up Kian Hall. At this point in the tournament I think you should probably start trying to swap him out for whichever Beck is playing or wait to see if Poroto is playing since you most likely have extra transfers.

Players to consider for your lineup: Adolfo Cambiaso, Kian Hall, Diego Cavanagh

Wild Cards: Pablo Spinacci, Agustin Nero


Ph: Polo Channel