Week 3 Perfect Line Up

July 13, 2017 | FP Strategist
Ranking Player Value Points
1 Diego Cavanagh $31,000 43.00
6 Alec White $19,000 26.25
7 Ignacio Toccalino $30,000 23.75
11 Hugo Lewis $16,000 21.50


This week’s perfect line up would’ve cost you $96k and would have earned you a solid 114.50. The line up is made up of a very varied selection of players. Diego Cavanagh played his part despite a loss to Habtoor, scoring the highest number of points with 43. He is now out of the tournament so put those transfers to good use. He has been a true wildcard in the Gold Cup swinging from 3 to 23, back down to 4.5 before shooting up to end his UK Fantasy season on a high with 43.

Alec White had a solid Queen’s Cup averaging 16.93 per game, not bad for is handicap. It seems that consistency is his strength as so far he is averaging 16.63. He is a good pick if you’re looking for a cheap mid range player as you know what you are getting and he is low risk.

Ignacio Toccalino has got better and better throughout the Gold Cup, increasing his score each match: 13, 13, 17.25, 23.75. This has been reflected on the field with some surprise wins and plenty of field goals. He may be one to watch going in to the quarters.

Proving his worth to his new team Talandracas, Hugo Lewis is averaging 14.19 points per game which off his value gives him 3.55 points per $1k. Not a bad score for a 3 goaler. He is a young player worth bearing in mind when looking to fill in that line up this weekend.


 Ph: Cymon Skinner – People of Polo