Weekend of Action

July 3, 2017 | Katie Vickery

Talandracas 11 vs 10 Sommelier

After an early 5-1 lead from Talandracas in the first chukka it looked like it was going to be an easy win for the boys in pink and grey over Sommelier, but it was not to be and a steady and ongoing comeback from Sommelier kept them in the game. Sommelier were able to hold Talandracas back and stop them from scoring more than 1 goal per chukka, slowly catching up to produce an exciting finish. They weren’t quite able to capitalise however, losing out on the victory by 1 goal. It was a field goal heavy match (only 4 of the 21 goals were scored from the penalty line despite 22 fouls, of which Sapo committed nearly half) and everyone except George Hanbury got their names up on the scoreboard, playing their part in an exciting, close match.


Match Progression:

5-1     6-3     7-4     8-7     10-8     11-10


RH Polo 15 vs 7 Murus Sanctus

After a confident start by Murus Sanctus that saw them put up a good fight in the first couple of chukkas, RH Polo predictably went on to beat Corinne Ricard’s team, both Adolfo Cambiaso and Rodrigo Andrade making their mark on the scoreboard with 5 and 3 goals respectively, one of Cambiaso’s being a huge shot from way outside the 60 yard line. Tommy Beresford also had a great match adding 4 goals to the scoreboard, slotting each 30 yard penalty opportunity home with ease while Cambiaso took on the more daunting 40 and 60 yard shots. RH Polo didn’t miss a penalty and made the most of each of the opportunities warranted by nine Murus Sanctus fouls. Murus Sanctus were unable to recover from a 3 goal deficit at halftime, eventually succumbing to a 15-7 defeat, RH really finding their stride in the 5th chukka to press their advantage.


Match Progression:

1-2       3-2       6-3       8-4       12-5     15-7


La Bamba de Areco 12 vs 11 King Power 

In the second major upset and surprise of this year’s Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup, La Bamba de Areco defeated the reigning champions King Power Foxes in a 7 chukka onslaught that saw them leading throughout the majority of the game, with a race to the finish which resulted in a tense overtime chukka. Starting neck and neck the first two chukkas were 3 goals apiece and 5 goals apiece, neither team giving the other breathing space. Strangely enough it was when the La Bamba team received an unexpected shake up in the form of Francisco Elizalde, replacing an injured Christian Laprida, that they really pulled away, finishing four goals up at half time. Confidence may have been their downfall however as King Power came back to level the score 11-11 forcing the game into overtime, but a field goal from La Bamba’s Diego Cavanagh in the extra chukka secured the surprise win for La Bamba.


Match Progression:

3-3       5-5       9-5       10-7     11-7     11-11   12-11


Ph: Gillian Hughes