What’s Next?

June 8, 2017 | FP News

The final matches of the qualifying stage of the Queen’s Cup were played this week (albeit delayed by rains) and have set the fixtures for the next couple of weeks.

After wins at the weekend saw them undefeated so far, La Indiana and RH go straight to the semi finals to be played next Wednesday 14th June.These players will therefore not be playing for a week and will not earn you points over the weekend so if you are flush with transfers it might be worth considering a switch around at this stage to keep those points rolling in. Their opponents will be decided by the winners of the semi final knock out stage thing place next weekend along with the subsidiary semi final knockout matches.

Taking part in the semi final knockout stage (mini quarter finals) we have:

El Remanso vs King Power Foxes

Murus Sanctus vs Talandracas

In the subsidiary semi final knockouts we have:

Sommelier vs La Bamba de Areco

Sifani vs Monterosso

Don’t discount those players now in the subsidiary section of the tournament. They may not have a chance at glory but they will continue to make you points as they play the rest of their matches. It is certainly worth paying attention to this section of teams as there can be some real hidden gems in there (Santiago Toccalino made a huge 48.25 points in his last match so he is worth keeping an eye on despite being out of the main tournament).

Keep an eye on the fixtures list as we head in to the final stages of the tournament and use your transfers wisely in this key stage of the fantasy competition.

Click here for a full list of matches and times.


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