Zone Stages Done!!

July 13, 2017 | Katie Vickery

RH 12 vs 11 Talandracas

An intense 7 chukka match delighted the crowds at Cowdray Park Polo Club as a bevy of polo superstars took to the field in a close game of cat and mouse polo. It was tight throughout, with the goal difference never more than 2 and the lead switching between the teams. Every time that Talandracas scored to even up the game, RH answered within seconds to retake their lead. After an injury in the 4th chukka, Adolfo Cambiaso came off to be replaced by Julian de Lusarreta. Talandracas took full advantage of the handicap difference to score 3 quick goals and take the lead 8-6 at the end of the 4th.   However the dynamic changed once again when De Lusarreta was swapped out for Hilario Ulloa who led the RH comeback in the 6th chukka. Beresford tied the match up at 11-11 with seconds before the final hooter pushing the match into overtime.  A throw in by the RH goal mouth looked like an easy win was in store for RH, but Talandracas fought hard, Sapo Caset taking the ball up the field only to lose it once again, Andrade capitalising with a big, angled, under-the-neck goal to win 12-11.

Match Progression:

2-1       3-1       4-4       6-8       9-9       11-11   12-11


Sommelier 10 vs 9 Monterosso

Another extremely close game saw Monterosso battle Sommelier for their position in the league ranking. Although both through to the quarter finals after two wins apiece, a win for Sommelier gave them a higher place and supposedly an easier run. A 7 chukka, down to the wire match saw tempers run high as the lead switched throughout the game. A field goal heavy match with only 2 penalties (one 30 yarder each), it was an exciting and fast-paced game. It finished on the 6th chukka bell at 9-9 and went into a nail-biting extra chukka with so many chances at goal! Finally a goal 3 minutes into overtime from Fred Mannix sealed the win for Sommelier at 10 goals to 9.

Match Progression:

1-4       1-4       4-4       6-4       6-7       9-9       10-9


El Remanso 9 vs 8 King Power

A close match between 2 of the most promising teams in the tournament determined the league rankings and the quarter finals match ups. It was a clean match, with only 3 fouls from Kong Power and 4 from El Remanso, and as such was field goal heavy with just 1 penalty shot for each team (a spot converted by Gonzalo Pieres and a 40 concerted by James Harper.) El Remanso dominated from the outset, King Power managing to tie things up by half time, but El Remanso soon drew away again fighting for a better zone position to give them an “easier” quarter final opposition in Monterosso while King Power will have to face the tough Talandracas side. King Power made a valiant effort, scoring 3 goals in the last chukka to El Remanso’s 1 but it wasn’t quite enough and El Remanso ran out the winners 9-8.

Match Progression:

3-1       5-4      5-5       7-5       7-6       9-8


Habtoor 12 vs 9 La Bamba de Areco

More surprises were in store in the last match of the zone stage with Habtoor defeating La Bamba de Areco 12-9 to earn their place in the quarter finals. With Guillermo Terrera in for an injured Christian Laprida, La Bamba could not hold on the the strong start they achieved in the first chukka scoring 4 goals. In chukkas 2, 3, 4 and 5 they could only score once in each or not at all and they were trailing by 3 going in to the final chukka. Habtoor press home their advantage for their first win of the tournament and the only one that matters as they earned their place in the quarter finals to play RH on Sunday at 12pm.

Match Progression:

2-4       6-4       6-5       7-6       10-7     12-9


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